The Glades


The Glades; a lush, flourishing wetland. Thick brush and swamp dominate this humid environment. Civilization has problems thriving, due to the inhabitants who take their rightful vengeance on any artificial objects built in this sacred forest. The more artificial items you carry or posses, the worse off you will be in this land.
One central entity grows tall to the far east of The Glades. The strongest presence of earth is felt here, with flora becoming larger and more vibrant; the air is pure and clean, making it almost hard to breath for those so use to the air of such places like The Studio.
Roots and thick brush completely engulf the ground, only dispersing for the swamp like rivers running through the land in twists; contorting themselves to fit the land.

High in the trees one will notice wooden bridges, bound together with vine and other such vegetation, as well as ladders and other man made apparatuses.

Located to the south, among the harsh vegetation, is a cave like structure created from twisted vines and entwined branches.


Very few inhabitants, other than the flora themselves, dwell in The Glades due to it’s hostile nature towards that which is artificial.

A colony of elves live high among the tree tops, because the elves bring in many items which are artificial they cannot dwell among the ground. The flora and other creatures a like do not respond well with the elven folk.



Aldamar (all-da-mar) is the colony of homes inhabited by the elves. The homes in Aldamar are made from natural material found within The Glades, as well as material brought in from the outer planes. The homes are connected through a grid of bridges, and pulley systems.

The Glades

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